Would you like a PANDA DOG? Or perhaps a TIGER DOG?

For those dog lovers who happen to love pandas and tigers, here’s a new crossbreed for you. I often thought this would happen in Japan, but it is China where we can find the ‘PANDA DOG’ and the ‘TIGER DOG’. As you probably guessed, they really aren’t ‘crossbreeds’ at all, but dogs spray painted to look like other animals. Yes, I agree this is very cruel. However, one blessing in disguise is that the spray paint only lasts a few months, and you can change your dog into anything you want. If a ‘PANDA DOG’ is getting old, you can easily transform your loved one into a ‘TIGER DOG’ at the blink of an eye. How great would that be?

I believe that the Chinese only use Chow Chows for the PANDA DOGS as they most closely resemble these soft and cuddly iconic national animals. Check this out … don’t you think they are cool?
Chinese Panda Dogs.

Or check out the adult and puppy PANDA DOGS.
Chinese Panda Dogs.

Last but not least, maybe Cooper wants to be a TIGER DOG? They usually use Golden Retrievers …
Chinese Tiger Dogs.

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